Real vs. Fake Larimar: Focus on These 7 Differences

Authentic Larimar: How to Spot a Fake Larimar? 

With the increase in the demand for Larimar, we can observe that there’s been an emergence of fake Larimar in the market.

Some vendors have been selling out fake Larimar that are made up of glass an resin, tricking people with low-quality dupes.

Below, we’ll be discussing how to spot a fake Larimar and how you can trust Larimar wholesalers in this regard.

authentic larimar stone  raw larimar directly from Dominican Republic how to spot a fake larimar

How can You Tell if it is a Genuine Larimar or a Fake One? 

Larimar is all about its uniqueness and unraveling beauty. Its worth has increased manifolds due to its increasing demand.

Unfortunately, this has also given way to shady dealers in the market. It’s so important to be mindful and vigilant of these frauds.

Here are a few points that would educate you about differentiating between an authentic Larimar and a fake one.

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Learn how to spot fake Larimar and How to Identify Real Larimar

1-Real Larimar is either aqua blue or turquoise in color with pearl white streaks and clouds of earthy tones. If the crystal gives so much of a monochromatic vibe, it’s straight-out fake.
2-If the Larimar seems glassy and has a transparent sheen, similar to sugar crystals, it’s not authentic. It can be a lab-made crystal if it gives so much glassy transparency.
3-Larimar is usually softer than most other gemstones that are used in jewelry and Larimar is easily scratchable. For testing, you can scratch the unpolished back of the Larimar stone with an other stone and 4-check if it scratches or not. It would definitely scratch if it’s a real Larimar.
5- Another way to test if the Larimar is real or not is to check its photosensitivity, authentic Larimar is highly photosensitive. It does start to change its color and fade when it is exposed to sun for a longer duration. This can also be the test to spot fake Larimar.
6-Light cannot pass through real Larimar. You can lift it up against the sunlight and check if the light passes or not. If light passes through it at an angle, it’s perhaps a lab formulated Larimar that is made up of glass.
7-Another test that you can do to check if the Larimar is real or not is the lighter test. Heat the needle and then press it against the stone. If the stone starts melting then it’s definitely resin or plastic. Most of the sellers perform this test at their shop for customers’ satisfaction. Real Larimar does not respond easily to the fire or heat.

Where to buy Real Larimar?

While buying Larimar, it is extremely important to verify the authenticity of the seller. Check their reviews and customer feedbacks online. It’s so important to check whether the seller is reliable or not. 

Another important factor is to check the certificate of authenticity. If the Larimar is real, it must come with a certificate of authenticity that includes all the essential information about the gemstone. 

If you’re still skeptical about your gemstone, you can always get it tested through the experts and professionals. 

Select a trustable source directly from the Dominican Republic

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Each one of our Larimar that goes to our customers comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Origin.

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