Best Price Wholesale Larimar Jewelry from Dominican Republic

 High Quality Wholesale Larimar Stone Jewelry
We are strategically located in the Dominican Republic: the home of the Larimar.

We are a direct source company of top quality Larimar stones with a focus on wholesale Larimar  jewelry.

Since 1999, Larimar Wholesalers has been selling larimar jewelry and gemstones to online resellers, Crystal shops, brick and mortar jewelry stores and gemstones collectors all over the world.

Our customers are fine jewelry stores, designers, artists, healing gemstones suppliers and resellers.

We are mine to market company. We handpick raw Larimar directly from local miners in our country, then cut and polish the larimar stones in our lapidary facility in  the Dominican Republic.
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Larimar wholesale stone jewelry necklace handmade by Larimar Magic
Larimar statement necklace one of a kind handmade in sterling silver and gold by Larimar Magic

Our Advantage.

Through its partnerships and affiliations with mine owners, and government sources on a global scale, Larimar Wholesalers has been able to secure contracts providing it with an on-going supply Larimar rough, slabs, beads and wholesale larimar stone finished jewelry at a significant market advantage.

Larimar Wholesalers markets to all levels of distribution from rough dealers to the end consumer with a significant price advantage over current distribution sources.

We specialize in wholesale AAA quality Larimar and Dominican Amber and  have been supplying several hundred shops and rock businesses worldwide for more than 2 decades.

For Handmade Larimar Designer Jewelry visit our Retail Website

How Can I Benefit From Buying Larimar Wholesale? 
Buying Directly from the source. 

Buying Larimar Jewelry, healing Larimar Spheres, Cabochons and Raw Larimar stones at wholesale prices directly from the Dominican Republic, gives you a substantial increase in your profits because the significant cost savings as each unit price is highly reduced giving you a tremendous competitive advantage in your business.


Online Larimar Jewelry gemstones resellers;
Trade show vendors;
Brick and Mortar Jewelry retailers;
Crystal Shops.

larimar raw stone polished from Larimar Wholesalers, LLC
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